Help us get a Radiothon to Raise Funds!




PLEASE take just 2 seconds and Sms “LITTLE FIGHTERS CANCER TRUST RADIOTHON” to 34519.

Only ONE SMS per phone will be counted, so sms from as many phones as you can and SPREAD THE WORD!!!



The Little Fighters Cancer Trust helps close to 1,000 Children with Cancer and their families across South Africa with NO HELP from Government.

We do this because too many children and their families fall through the cracks of what is offered by government and other organisations.

Every day we receive more requests for assistance, which means that we need to fundraise more and more money.

A radiothon such as CHAIFM 101.9 is offering to sponsor and host would mean that we could do SO MUCH MORE to help, and we could help SO MANY MORE children with cancer and their families.

When a child gets cancer the WHOLE FAMILY is affected. Usually one or the other parent, normally the mother, has to give up work in order to attend to the child. Apart from home-nursing, these mothers spend months at a time at the child’s bedside in a hospital while the child receives treatment.

Medical costs are ASTRONOMICAL, and families very often lose everything to cover such costs. They often sell everything they own, including their houses (if they are lucky enough to own one) their car, furniture and anything else that they can, to defray medical expenses.

While they are going through all this it is also difficult to just pay for the day-to-day cost of feeding and clothing not only the child with cancer (who needs a special diet) but also themselves and other children they may have.

Little Fighters Cancer Trust seeks to relieve these families of as much stress as we can via:

  • Hospital Visits to deliver Bags of Hope
  • Clothing Drives (only new clothing can be gifted to cancer patients) & Delivery of clothes
  • Food Drives & Delivery of Healthy Food to the families at home
  • Deliveries of nutritional lunches to mothers at hospital
  • Blanket Drives & Delivery (cancer patients get very cold when receiving treatment and their mothers also do while sitting in a chair at the bedside day and night)
  • Counseling
  • Financial aid to help with transport, accommodation etc.
  • And MUCH MORE...

Please help us to help those who do not have the means to help their children in the fight of their lives against Childhood Cancer


Sms “LITTLE FIGHTERS CANCER TRUST RADIOTHON” to 34519 and ask all your friends and family to do the same.


YOUR R1-50 sms could save the lives of countless Children with Cancer in South Africa.


kid thanx

Thank you!
Team Little Fighters Cancer Trust

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