Coping with Clotting Problems in Childhood Cancer

Deep-Vein-Thrombosis-Overview-300x300Symptom Management, Palliative Care, or Supportive Care to relieve side-effects is an important part of cancer care and treatment and should always form part of the overall treatment plan.

Individuals with cancer, especially those undergoing treatment, are at risk for blood clots. Someone with a clotting disorder may get blood clots in the veins or arteries if the blood forms a clot inappropriately.

Normal blood clotting (coagulation) is a complex process in which specialised blood cells (platelets) and different proteins in the blood (clotting or coagulation factors) clump together to heal broken blood vessels and control bleeding. There is a delicate balance of coagulation factors that promote bleeding and those that promote clotting.

Blood clotting disorders occur when some clotting factors are missing or damaged and form clots inside arteries or veins. These clots can block normal blood-flow and can break off and travel to other parts of the body, causing life-threatening problems.

When a blood clot occurs in a vein it is called a Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT). If the blood clot occurs in a vein in the lungs, or travels into the lungs, it is called a Pulmonary Embolus (PE). A blood clot can also occur in an artery, which is less common but also very serious.

Individuals with cancer have a higher risk of blood clots and clotting disorders. This increased risk may be due to the cancer or treatments such as chemotherapy, surgery, steroids, or long-term use of a catheter. Long periods of inactivity, such as a long plane or car ride can also increase the risk of a blood clot.

A blood clot is life-threatening and needs immediate treatment!!


Read more about the Effects, Signs and Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment and more regarding Clotting Disorders on our static page, Clotting Problems in Childhood Cancer



About LFCT

This is a blog about CHILDHOOD CANCER and CHILDHOOD CANCER AWARENESS Little Fighters Cancer Trust is a non-profit organisation that offers support and aid to Children with Cancer and their families. When a child is diagnosed with cancer it affects the whole family. One of the parents, usually the mother, must give up their job to care for the child and this creates financial problems for the family. In South Africa especially the majority of these families are not well-to-do; many of them are rural. A diagnosis of cancer can wipe out any family’s finances, let alone a poor family. The costs of special medications, special diets, hospital stays, transport to and from the hospital or clinic and accommodation and food costs for the mother who spends most of the time at her child’s bedside are astronomical. These are the people and problems that fall through the cracks, and these are the people that Little Fighters Cancer Trust has pledged to help in any way possible. LFCT takes a holistic approach to assisting the Children with Cancer and their Families, with the main aim to be the preservation of individual dignity and pride. Little Fighters Cancer Trust also focuses on promotion and advocacy of National Childhood Cancer Awareness in an effort to increase awareness of Early Warning Signs of Childhood Cancer. This would result in earlier diagnosis, giving the Child with Cancer more of a chance at Treatment and Survival. See "About" for more Background info

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