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WONDERBAG Fundraising Raffle

Have you heard about the amazing South African invention “The Wonderbag“?

The Wonderbag is a simple but revolutionary non-electric heat-retention cooker. It continues to cook food that has been brought to the boil by conventional methods for up to 12 hours without the use of additional electricity or fuel. The Wonderbag is also a Coolerbag – it keeps food and beverages cold. Freeze it, bag it, store it, serve it.

The Wonderbag is great for mothers of Children with Cancer because it will free up their time in the kitchen while allowing them to cook nutritious, wholesome food for their family. You can start the food on the stove and then place it in the Wonderbag and go about your business without any worries – when you are ready for dinner it will be ready for you…

The food will taste great because it is slow-cooked  – from meaty stews and vegetable curries, to simple rice, beans, pasta, and soups, the Wonderbag cooks food beautifully and thoroughly. Meat is perfectly tender and vegetables retain their flavour and texture.

Each bag comes with a Recipe Booklet and you can browse the Recipes section of the Wonderbag website for loads more fantastic Recipes as well as Tips & Tricks, Cooking Times and Metric Conversions.

LFCT received a donation of one of these awesome Wonderbags in December from Tiger Foods to raffle off to raise funds…

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Thank You 🤼‍♂️EFC Worldwide, BetXchange & Demarte Pena🤼‍♂️

Extreme Fighting Championship Worldwide hosted 10 international fighters over the past several months who, together with local fighters, took part in a round-robin tournament.

The fighters competed in two teams; the Blue Team (Sayed) and the Orange Team (Pena).

A running theme every week on MMA reality TV show, TF1, was the teams predicting the results of the fights on the show. Every week, BetXchange provided odds on the fights and the teams placed ‘bets’.

The winnings were pooled to later be donated to team-selected charities; Team Sayed selected Fight with Insight as their charity and Team Pena selected the Little Fighters Cancer Trust as their charity.

🤼‍♂️ 🤼‍♂️ 🤼‍♂️ 🤼‍♂️ 🤼‍♂️ 🤼‍♂️ 🤼‍♂️ 🤼‍♂️ 🤼‍♂️

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Where there’s a WILL there’s a Way

A few weeks ago the Little Fighters Cancer Trust received notification from a young man who was planning to use his talents to fundraise for LFCT and the work we do with Children with Cancer.

This is what we LOVE to see – people who use their talents and passion to fundraise for those who most need it!

Will is an “amateur” photographer and decided to make use of his talents by offering a special for the month of November to raise funds for LFCT.

Last week we received a wonderful financial donation from Will towards our work, and are very grateful that Will chose us, using his passion to fundraise for our passion – Children with Cancer & their Families.

Thank You also to all those who agreed to be photographed by Will for this fundraising project and allow us to publish their photos – all of YOU helped make this possible!

Check out Will’s Facebook Page, Photos by William!

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Wishlist Wednesday: Feeding our Families

It is winter in South Africa, and that means that we need to eat more, eat more hot food, and eat more nutritional food in order to stave off the bitter cold weather, influenza, the sniffles etc.

This is vitally important for our Little Fighters, as Children with Cancer need all of their strength to build up their immune system which is compromised due to the cancer and as a result of the treatments such as Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy.

Children with Cancer have to follow a nutritionally specific diet, which is often impossible for cancer-affected families to follow due to lack of funds.

In excess of 50% of the individual Childhood Cancer-affected families that are supported by the Little Fighters Cancer Trust have lost one income due to the child’s diagnosis. LFCT supports in excess of 100 Childhood Cancer-affected Families with groceries every month!

With one parent in the hospital for months, sometimes years on end, the sole breadwinner struggles to make ends meet at home. The Little Fighters Cancer Trust ensures that these families have food in the home while the Child with Cancer is in and out of hospital via our Feeding Our Families project.

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SEVEN 7 Drive for Kids with Cancer 2016

Last year,  3 intrepid travelers, Danie Botha, G.G van Rooyen and Jan van Deventer, traversed Seven countries in 7 days in a Kia Sorento kindly sponsored by KIA SOUTH AFRICA, to raise funds for Children with Cancer who are terminal and are not covered by Medical Aid.

You can see some wonderful photos and read more about last year’s trip HERE, and we will be updating as much as possible again this year so keep up with these wonderful guys right here or on Facebook.

The team of journalists under the leadership of Danie Botha, is once again heading out to traverse 7000 kilometres, across seven African countries in seven days to spread some cheer to children fighting cancer and to raise funds for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust.

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Swim for Hope Fundraising ~ Almost There… Push! Push! Push! ;-)

sfh2016Good Day ALL! I feel like singing Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” song this morning because we have had some human angels do donations overnight and our Swim for Hope fundraising effort has climbed quite a bit.

Donating to this worthy cause is your way of helping us to help more Children with Cancer by honouring the COURAGEOUS efforts of the 17 swimmers that took on the rough, icy seas of the Cape of Storms in the EPIC  8km Cape Point Rounding last Friday!

In actual fact, I think that is exactly what I WILL do… sing along with me now…

It might seem crazy what I’m ’bout to say
Sunshine she’s here, you can take a break
I’m a hot air balloon that could go to space
With the air, like I don’t care baby by the way

Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth

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Swim for Hope Target Growing Closer ~ R15k to go!!

sfh2016Good Morning ALL, it is SO exciting to see the figures in our Swim for Hope fundraising effort climbing slowly day by day… we SO want to make our target this year so that more Little Fighters can be helped.

Donating to this worthy cause is your way of helping Children with Cancer by honouring the EPIC efforts of the 17 swimmers that took on the rough, icy seas of the Cape of Storms in the Extreme  8km Cape Point Rounding last Friday!

Just to get you a bit more motivated, here are some more details about the event and some photos so that you can see exactly what these heroes of ours had to face:

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Swim for Hope Fundraising Target in Sight!

Swim for Hope 2016Good Morning, Team Swim for Hope, Organisers, Supporters, Volunteers, Support Crews, Skippers, EMT guys and gals, Eco Crew, CLDSA, and everyone else. I trust that you have all had a great weekend and are well-rested and ready for the new week and all that it brings!

While we are still waiting for the official photos and hopefully some vids of Friday’s event, we would once again like to say thanks and well done to everyone involved ~ Awesome day, Awesome event, Awesome people!!

There is however one thing that is not yet quite awesome… almost there but not quite yet…

Come on, Folks, our fundraising target is in sight! We have had so many other records with Swim for Hope 2016 that we HAVE to have a record fundraising effort too!

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Swim for Hope 2016 a Supreme Success!

sfh2016logoSo, I know that I said that I would post only on Monday, but truth be told, I am SO in awe of these brave swimmers that I HAD to just do a quick post today.

Unfortunately due to some logistic problems I did not manage to be on the sea (will definitely be on the sea next year), but even standing on the shore to welcome our swimmers home was extremely exciting!

Seeing these pumped, tired, shivering bodies step out of the water after braving the elements in freezing waters and massive swells after being thrown around like corks by the ocean was a sight to behold!

After seeing what these swimmers go through, I have nothing but respect for them and say Bravo! to each and every swimmer that took part in Swim for Hope 2016 – you are all AWESOME!!


Swim for Hope 2016 Team

Team Swim for Hope 2016

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Today is Swim for Hope 2016 Day!!

swimfor hope 2016Well, the day has arrived and while you are reading this post our intrepid Swim for Hope team is most probably already in the water battling the rough seas and freezing temperatures in their epic swim around Cape Point.

Swim For Hope around the Cape of Good Hope is an exclusive group swim attempt around Cape Point to raise funds for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust’s Bag of Hope project. This will be the 4th Swim for Hope event and the 3rd Swim for Hope Group Event.

Carina Bruwer~Pugliese from the SAMA award-winning group Sterling EQ, who is also a Veteran Marathon Swimmer and active LFCT Supporter and Advocate, initiated Swim For Hope with a solo rounding in 2013, and decided to turn it into an invitational in order to increase fundraising potential.

Since then there have been two group swims, with fourteen swimmers participating in each of the 2014 and 2015 Group Swims. See more about the previous swims HERE and HERE.


Swim for Hope swimmer

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