One thing about a non-profit organisation is that every single bit of funding that is received goes towards making lives better! Another thing about a non-profit organisation is that there is never enough money, and one must constantly d fundraising in order to contniue doing what we do and to improve and expand what we do.

Little Fighters Cancer Trust fundraises in a variety of ways, very often with the help of some very good friends and ambassadors, without whom we don’t know what we would do.

This page serves to thank and highlight some of our AMAZING supporters who really go above and beyond to help our Little Fighters by doing AWESOME fundraising, in various ways.
Please follow their exploits and if you see them say “Hi” and support them wherever you can ~ it is for a good cause!
Please click on the pics to read more about each specific project



Swim for Hope!

Swim for Hope

Swim For Hope around the Cape of Good Hope is an exclusive group swim attempt around Cape Point, to raise funds for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust’s Bag of Hope project.

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust Swim for Hope project began in 2013 when South African musician and veteran marathon swimmer Carina Bruwer returned to the ocean after a 6-year break with an impressive open water swim around Cape Point, in extreme conditions, to raise funds and awareness for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust.

Carina, who is the lead player of the multiple award-winning group, Sterling EQ, raised R17, 450 through the first Swim for Hope. The swim also generated extensive and valuable coverage for child cancer and LFCT. The money raised went towards LFCT’s Bags of Hope project.

This spectacular 8km ocean swim stretches from Diaz Beach on the western side of Cape Point to Buffels Bay on the Eastern side, and takes swimmers through the point where the two oceans (Atlantic and Indian) meet.

Carina and LFCT decided to turn the Swim for Hope into an annual invitational event in order to increase fundraising potential.

Swim for Hope is classified by the Cape Long Distance Association (CLDSA) as an “Expert Level swim” and is recommended for experienced open water swimmers only. CLDSA officiates over the swim.



Sors Guru Grobbelaar

Sors "Gure" Grobbelaar, Ambassador, lighting Heini's Birthday Cake

Sors Grobbelaar is a Professional Martial Artist actively competes in K-1, Muaythai & MMA. He is also a proud Little Fighters Cancer Trust Childhood Cancer Awareness Ambassador, and dedicates all his fights to our Little Fighters and their Families. One man’s Fight for Childhood Cancer Awareness! Just AWESOME!

Sors continues to FIGHT the lack of childhood cancer awareness, in the way he knows best!

Sors does not only fight for Childhood Cancer Awareness, though ~ this mountain of a man also has a heart of gold, and sometimes he lets his softer side show… as in the photo… Sors lighting Heini’s Birthday Cake



Anna Jooste

Anna Jooste: Cancer Survivor Runs for LFCT

Anna Jooste is a tiny package of dynamite!

She is also a Cancer Survivor that is giving back by running in aid of Little Fighters Cancer Trust to raise funds for Children with Cancer!

Anna has done and will continue to do various runs, some of them in the middle of the night (or throughout the night) to raise Childhood Cancer Awareness and to raise funds for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust.

Anna is also a master baker and often bakes goodies for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust for fundraising purposes and for our events.



Wessie Wonder

photo of Wessie Wonder dressed very colourfully

Wessie Wonder is a local musician who does fundraising forhe Little Fighters Cancer Trust on occasion, and who donated a percentage of income from personal sales of his CD  Laat Jou Liggie Skyn to LFCT.

To carry God’s word and the truth to children is critically important, especially in today’s world. Wessie Wonder is a character that does this by telling stories through dance and song.

On the CD & DVD, Laat jou liggie skyn (Let Your Light Shine), you will find songs such as die Noaglied, Goeie Raad, Laat jou liggie skyn, Boggom, Jesus leef and many more. These songs will teach your children good values in a pleasurable manner.




Sue Kelly & The Team

Funky Frogs

Sue Kelly and her wonderful team of ladies go around South Africa selling “Funky Frogs” to raise Childhood Cancer Awareness & to raise funds for Little Fighters Cancer Trust.

Sue and her ladies can usually be found in a shopping centre somewhere with a bunch of both big and small frogs and HUGE smiles for all who pass by or stop off ~ Look out for them at a shopping centre near you and when you see them, do stop by to say hello….

Unfortunately Sue passed away in 2015 and is greatly missed, but her ladies have continued her good work by still travelling the country selling the funky frogs in her memory.



Seven7 DRIVE for Kids with Cancer

SEVEN7 sms poster


In July, 2015, an “Africanised”  Next-generation Kia Sorento 2.0 FWD, kindly sponsored by KIA SOUTH AFRICA, sporting Little Fighters Cancer Trust branding and carrying 3 intrepid adventurers departed from a venue in Gauteng, RSA on an epic 6 200km driving adventure through Southern Africa, covering  seven countries (and seven hospitals) – in seven days!

Danie Botha, G.G van Rooyen and Jan van Deventer embarked on this journey to raise funds for Children with Cancer, specifically for Children with Cancer who are terminal and are not covered by Medical Aid.

The team made a pit-stop in every country, making a pre-determined visit to a hospital or clinic in that town to deliver a message of love and a surprise package to a young, terminally ill patient.



United Challenge


United Challenge was started earlier in 2015 by Francois “Faf” Naude, a 21 year old student from Potchefstroom. Francois is currently studying towards Bachelor’s degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering.

Francois is also an enthusiastic  athlete who loves taking part in road-running, road-cycling and triathlons. Francois has a passion for exercise and endurance sport, as well as a passion for helping those affected by various severely incapacitating social circumstances.

Francois decided to combine these two passions to benefit those who find themselves in less than great social circumstances. With this in mind, Francois approached the Little Fighters Cancer Trust to partner with them in raising funds for Children with Cancer and their Families by  participating in races in various disciplines, including road-running, road-cycling and triathlons, as well as competing in various endurance events and attending and hosting various formal charity events  in order to raise funding, as well as raising Child Cancer Awareness.



Climbing Kili for Cancer Kids


Four intrepid hikers took on the trek to Uhuru Peak via the Rongai Route in July to raise Cancer Awareness and to raise funds for Little Fighters Cancer Trust.

The Rongai Route is the only northern approach to Kilimanjaro, and offers a true wilderness experience on the early stages of the climb and a very tough final summit from the north.

The Team, consisting of André Reyneke, Murray le Roux, Sanet Kotze,  Johan Smit, Laetitia Schreuder & Tiaan Schreuder departed on their hike on 29 June, which took 6 or 7 days, sleeping over in tents, in caves, and in campsites along the way. The Team summited the peak Saturday after one hellish day of hiking and then returned to base camp.



To the above people and their supporters/teams, and to all those numerous folks that we cannot mention here that also help out in so many ways, we would like to say a HUGE Thank You!


thank you heart

Please help us to Raise Childhood Cancer Awareness by Commenting and Sharing

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