Our Wishlist

Our Wishlist

The thing that truly sets the Little Fighters Cancer Trust apart is the highly individualised support offered, which comes from a deep understanding of the fact that every individual, every family, has unique and very specific needs. Every effort is made to ensure that the support given is targeted and practical, whilst still ensuring the most efficient distribution of resources.

The support that LFCT gives is not compartmentalised or predetermined, as circumstances differ from one beneficiary to the next.

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust Offers support to Children with Cancer and their Families in:

  • Individual Family Homes
  • Paediatric Oncology Hospital Wards
  • Places of Safety which house Children with Cancer

Requests for support are received from Social Workers, Hospital Wards, Teachers, Friends and Family; either in person, or via telephone, social media or e-mail.

Support works on a sliding scale, which takes into consideration income, needs, family size, and other factors. Many of the more affluent Childhood Cancer-affected families are often shunned by support organisations; however, while the more needy families will get the bulk of the tangible support, LFCT will never exclude any family; often all that is required is emotional or moral support, and information. Little Fighter Cancer Trust does not turn anyone away.


LFCT provides Support in and out of hospital, on a National scale.


In-Hospital Support may include but is not limited to:

  • Basic bedding and sleep-wear needs
  • Toiletries for patient and bedside caregiver
  • Educational activity-sets and toys
  • Non-perishable foodstuffs for the bedside carer
  • Special requests: disposable diapers, specialised foods, milk formula, underwear, clothing and shoes

Out-of-Hospital Support may include but is not limited to:

  • Groceries and cleaning materials
  • Clothing and shoes
  • Basic furnishings and appliances
  • Transport to and from hospital

In short, Support is extremely targeted, individualised, and practical. This might take more effort and more time and organisational skills, but it ensures a focused and maximised distribution of resources and prevents wastefulness.

Because of the varied support that LFCT offers, our Wishlist is rather large and varied too, according to needs, time of year and various other factors that specifically affect childhood cancer patients.

Although we also have one-off needs (such as a wheelchair, comfortable soft chair or a bath hoist,  for instance) for which we will send out special appeals, the following are needs that we consistently need to fill:


Little Fighters Cancer Trust BAGS OF HOPE Project

Double Smiles....

The LFCT BAG OF HOPE Project was initiated in 2010, when it became very clear, after numerous visits to Paediatric Oncology Wards, that there is a desperate need for support to the Child with Cancer AND the bedside care-giver, which is usually, the child’s Mother.

Children with Cancer in Hospital Wards often do not having pyjamas that fit, no comfort items like a soft toy and a warm blanket, no educational toys, no treats and no activities to enjoy when feeling well enough.

Mothers, for the most part, do not have local accommodation, and literally live in the Ward; eating, sleeping upright in a chair and bathing in the ward wash basins. They have no sanitary products, a desperate lack of food and toiletries, and have no funds available to them to purchase even the most basic necessities.

Many of the beneficiaries of this project are from the rural areas in the Eastern Cape, Garden Route, Northern Cape and in some cases spend as long as two years in the hospital next to their child’s bed, sleeping upright in a chair, with no other support.

These Children with Cancer and their Mothers are forgotten by the World, and the main aim of the LFCT Bag of Hope Project, is to restore Dignity and inspire Hope.

The following items are typically in a Child’s Bag of Hope, although the Bag of Hope might vary from hospital to hospital, depending on the willingness of the Hospital Staff to provide age and size appropriate information to our organisation.

  • Soft new blanket
  • New set of Pyjamas
  • Soft toy
  • Colouring book and crayons
  • Reading book, puzzle or educational game
  • 0pH Soap
  • Facecloth
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Aqueous cream
  • Crisps
  • Boxed fruit juices
  • Sweets

The following items are typically in a Mother’s Bag of Hope, although sanitary products will be replaced with shaving products in the case of a Father being at the bedside.

  • Dry cereals
  • Long-life Milk
  • Boxes of Cup-a-Soup
  • Two Minute Noodles
  • Sandwich Spreads
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Sugar
  • Rusks
  • Biscuits
  • Soap and facecloth
  • Towel
  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Sanitary products

The number of Children with Cancer whose Mothers are at their bedside in the wards, is an average of 70% of the maximum capacity of the Ward. The reach of the Bag of Hope Project is far wider than just the direct recipients, as this support also offers relief to the Family unit at home due to lessened financial strain.

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust’s long-term goal is to distribute Bags of Hope to Paediatric Oncology Wards across South Africa on a Monthly Basis.



The Little Fighters Cancer Trust SNUG AS A BUG Project


The LFCT Snug as a Bug Project was born early winter of 2013 and we have been doing it every year since.

On one visit to a Childhood Cancer Ward, our Team noticed that many children in Paediatric Oncology Wards do not have decent clothing.

We were saddened by the fact that some of them were wearing clothing that was far too small, worn-out, washed-out, torn beyond repair, and totally inadequate for the cold winter months.

Due to treatment diminishing a Child with Cancer’s immune system, and the Child being very susceptible to infections, we distribute only NEW clothing with this project.


Clothing needs for this project include:

  • Boys and Girls Underwear, all sizes
  • Boys and Girls Socks, all sizes
  • Long sleeved vests, all sizes
  • Tracksuits, all sizes
  • Warm jackets, all sizes
  • Socks, all sizes
  • Pyjamas, all sizes
  • Boys and Girls Long Pants and Jeans, all sizes
  • Boys and Girls Long sleeved t-shirts, all sizes
  • Boys and Girls Long sleeved warm tops, all sizes
  • Girl’s Dresses and Skirts, all sizes
  • Girl’s Tights, all sizes

This project will culminate twice annually, just before winter, and again just before summer. However, donations received toward the Snug as a Bug Project during the rest of the year will not go to waste, but will be distributed as the need arises among individual Childhood Cancer Affected Families and new Families requesting assistance.



The Little Fighters Cancer Trust BAREFOOT FOR A DAY Project


For the Little Fighters Cancer Trust BAREFOOT FOR A DAY Project, we ask supporters to go barefoot for the day annually on March 1st, whether they are at work, at home or at school. The discomfort of being barefoot acts as a constant reminder during the day of the discomfort that Children with Cancer and their Families endure on a daily basis.

Barefooters are encouraged to donate a NEW pair of children’s shoes to the Little Fighters Cancer Trust during the month of March. LFCT then sorts and distributes all donated shoes to Children with Cancer in Paediatric Oncology Wards, Places of Safety, and individual Childhood Cancer-affected Family Homes across South Africa.


Needs for this project include:

  • Donations of new shoes for boys, girls and teenagers
  • While donations of shoes are most welcome,  we also accept financial contributions because having NPO and PBO status and being able to buy in bulk with sufficient funds, we can haggle with stores for discounts and better deals.


The Little Fighters Cancer Trust PANTRY

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust PANTRY Project consists of 3 projects in one:

  1. The Emma Fourie Lunch with Love Project
  2. The Festive Season Food Hampers Project
  3. The Feeding Our Families Project


Festive Season Food Hampers

festive food hampersThe Festive Season Food Hampers put together by LFCT benefit Children with Cancer housed at Places of Safety. These children are referred to Places of Safety by their treating oncologist, as their home circumstances are not conducive to them getting well at home.

These children can often only go home once a year; sometimes already financially strained families do not arrive to collect their children for the Holidays as there are just no resources at home to care for a Child with Cancer.

In order to ensure that these children have the opportunity to be with their friends and family over the Festive Season, the Little Fighters Cancer Trust provides comprehensive, non-perishable food hampers for the child to take home, ensuring that both the Child with Cancer and the family have healthy and nutritious food over the holiday period.


Feeding Our Families

10173523_657893307598040_853942646273374987_nIn excess of 50% of the individual Childhood Cancer-affected families that are supported by the Little Fighters Cancer Trust have lost one income due to the child’s diagnosis.

With one parent in the hospital for months, sometimes years on end, the sole breadwinner struggles to make ends meet at home. The Little Fighters Cancer Trust ensures that these families have food in the home while the Child with Cancer is in and out of hospital.

Children with Cancer have to follow a nutritionally specific diet, which is often impossible for families to follow due to lack of funds.




Here Is a Basic List of Non-Perishable Food; Toiletries and Household Cleaning Materials which can be donated throughout the year: 

  • 0pH Soap Bars
  • 2-In-1 Shampoo and Conditioner, Large Size
  • 2kg Washing Powder
  • All Gold Tomato Sauce
  • Biscuits, Assorted
  • Body Lotion, Large Size
  • Bovril / OXO, 290g
  • Boxes Cup-A-Soup
  • Chutney
  • Coffee, 250g
  • Dishwashing Liquid, 750ml
  • Disposable Shaving Razors
  • Domestos, 750ml
  • Dry Soup Mix
  • Female Deodorant
  • Handy Andy, 750ml
  • JIK, 750ml
  • Long-Life Milk, 1 Litre Boxes
  • Macaroni and Spaghetti
  • Male Deodorant
  • Mieliemeal, 2.5kg
  • Non Scented Aqueous Cream
  • Oats, 1kg
  • Oxtail Soup Packets
  • Peanut Butter, 400g
  • Rice, 2.5kg
  • Rusks, Large Box
  • Self-Raising Flour, 2.5kg
  • Staysoft Sachets, Mixes 2 Litres
  • Stock Cubes
  • Sugar, 2.5 Kg
  • Tea, 100 Teabags/ 250g
  • Tinned Baby Carrots
  • Tinned Breyani, Chicken or Beef Varieties
  • Tinned Bully Beef
  • Tinned Chicken Products
  • Tinned Sweetcorn (Whole Kernel and Creamed Varieties)
  • Tinned Green Beans
  • Tinned Jam, 490g
  • Tinned Mixed Vegetables
  • Tinned Peas
  • Tinned Pilchards
  • Tinned Soup
  • Tinned Tuna
  • Tinned Viennas
  • Toothpaste
  • Two Minute Noodles
  • Weetbix, 800g
  • White Onion Soup Packets


10517477_683884761665561_77625253945982461_nThe Little Fighters Cancer Trust will bulk up all grocery hampers with fresh produce required,  such as meat, fruit, vegetables and dairy products, shortly before delivery.

Financial Contributions toward this project are highly appreciated to enable us to make these purchases.

Financial Contributions for this project need to be referenced with FOOD please.





The Little Fighters Cancer Trust GET WRAPPED Project

piles and pilesNo child should have to go without decent bedding and a nice soft warm blanket to keep them warm in the cold winter months, let alone a child Fighting Cancer with all their might. Children undergoing chemotherapy treatment also get very cold during the treatment and it is terrible to see them shivering and shaking from cold.

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust Get Wrapped Project entails asking for donations of new single bed blankets, preferably soft blankets due to the children’s sensitive skins due to some of the treatment regimes. Only new blankets are accepted due to the compromised immune systems of the Children with Cancer.

Needs for this project include:

  • New, preferably soft, single bed blankets
  • Warm, knitted scarves
  • Beanies


Running outta space

Little Fighters Cancer Trust does not have offices; we work out of Thomas & Tania’s lounge and garage at their home in Paarl, which can get really hectic at times, especially around the time we run the clothing and blanket drives, and the Christmas Elf project. As the photo on the left shows, space is at a premium and Mandie often has to clamber over goods to get to her desk.

All of the other work that gets done is done by volunteers from their own houses, using their own resources and vehicles where transport is needed.



Other, once-off items on our Wishlist that would make our operation run smoother and enable us to grow more include:

  • A Bakkie to make Collections & Deliveries
  • Offices & Storage Space or a piece of Land in the Paarl area on which we could erect offices (Containers have been donated for this purpose) so that we can move the offices out of  Tommy & Tania’s home and have more storage space
  • Financial Contributions for the goods we need to purchase, financial help for the families, transport costs to and from hospitals/clinics for the child with cancer and his/her bedside carer, & accommodation costs for the bedside carer while the child is in hospital
  • Any products and articles that we can use for auctioning to the public as a way to generate funding
  • Donations towards petrol, medical bills and medical equipment (for our Little Fighters and their Families)

Please reference your name if payments are made directly into the Trust bank account, we would love to thank you for your donations. Cash donations can be given as well, for which you will receive a receipt.

Please take into consideration that these Little Fighters can only stand a fighting chance at victory with YOU in their corner.

Physical donations of goods can be made in various provinces, not only in the Western Cape, so please contact us regarding any physical donations you would like to make so that we can make arrangements with our Representatives in your area.

Financial donations can be made into the Trust account; please mark your donation with your details and for which project you would like the donation used if any, otherwise we will use it where most necessary at the time.


Bank Details

Account Holder: Little Fighters Cancer Organization
Bank: FNB Paarl Mall
Account No: 62380183013
Branch code: 250057
Swift code for international donations: FIRNZAJJ
Trust Reg No: IT2817/2010


PayPal – Donations


Mobile Donations


The Little Fighters Cancer Trust cannot continue any of our programs without your full and continued support. We ask of you any involvement that you would be able to offer.


thank you heart
Thank You! 


Please help us to Raise Childhood Cancer Awareness by Commenting and Sharing

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