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The Little Fighters Cancer Trust Swim for Hope project began in 2013 when South African musician and veteran marathon swimmer Carina Bruwer returned to the ocean after a 6-year break with an impressive open water swim around Cape Point, in extreme conditions, to raise funds and awareness for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust.

Carina, who is the lead player of the multiple award-winning group, Sterling EQ, raised R17, 450 through the first Swim for Hope. The swim also generated extensive and valuable coverage for child cancer and LFCT. The money raised went towards LFCT’s Bags of Hope project.

This spectacular 8km ocean swim stretches from Diaz Beach on the western side of Cape Point to Buffels Bay on the Eastern side, and takes swimmers through the point where the two oceans (Atlantic and Indian) meet.

Carina and LFCT decided to turn the Swim for Hope into an annual invitational event in order to increase fundraising potential.

Swim for Hope is classified by the Cape Long Distance Association (CLDSA) as an “Expert Level swim” and is recommended for experienced open water swimmers only. CLDSA officiates over the swim.

The swim is undertaken according to CLDSA’s rules:

  • Swimmers shall not be assisted by an artificial aid of any kind
  • Swimmers are permitted to grease themselves
  • Participants may wear goggles and one cap
  • Participants may wear one swimming costume which is Lycra (or other approved) Speedo type briefs for men and a Lycra (or other approved) Speedo type costume
  • Swimmers may not wear wetsuits or body suits
  • Participants must start and finish on land
  • No physical contact with the swimmer shall be made by any person during the swim, and the swimmer may not touch the boat
  • The minimum age for an official CLDSA swim is 12 years old on the day of the swim. Parental/Guardian approval is required for all swimmers under the age of 18 years on the day of the swim. (No minors will be considered for Swim for Hope)
  • The decision of the CLDSA Observer shall be binding

Swimmers taking part in the Swim for Hope make a donation of at least R1500 to LFCT, which excludes the cost for their own boat and CLDSA’s application fee (R450 plus R100 if they are not yet registered. This includes an official medal if they complete the swim). Participants also use their networks and social media to elicit donations and sponsorship to help reach the set fundraising goal for that year’s swim.

In 2014 Carina was joined by thirteen other open water swimmers from all walks of life, and all of them successfully completed the 8km swim, while both the male and female records for the route were broken.

Anthony Pearse was the first swimmer to finish in a time of 1h41, taking 21 minutes off the previous record which was jointly held by him and UK swimmer Ned Denison.  Carina Bruwer shaved 2 minutes off her 2004 female record time, finishing in a time of 2h18. Richard Child is now the oldest swimmer to have successfully rounded Cape Point, at the age of 61.

2014 Swim for Hope Swimmers

The 2014 Swim for Hope group swim around Cape Point raised R116 800 in funding for the Bag of Hope Project.

Apart from the invitational Cape Point Swim for Hope, Carina also dedicates her solo swims to Swim for Hope, raising funds throughout the year for the Bag of Hope Project.  In 2014 Carina took Swim for Hope to Italy, where she completed a dramatic crossing of the Bonifacio Straits on Tuesday 17 June, swimming 15km from Corsica (France) to Sardinia (Italy) in challenging conditions.

Four days later Carina completed a quadruple (4-way) crossing of the Messina Straits, swimming from Sicily to Italy and back twice, in 3h59.  This made her the first female to do a more than a double crossing of these famous straits, known for its strong currents and tides. The total distance swum was 14,2km.

Carina's Swim For Hope

Carina’s Swim For Hope

The organisers of Swim the Island, Europe’s premier open water swimming event, also got behind Swim for Hope and Little Fighters Cancer Trust and invited Carina to swim in the 2014 event. Carina completed a three times consecutive swim of the route, a total of 18 km, in 5h08!

The exclusive “by invitation only” group swim around Cape Point has become very popular and is a feather in any open-water swimmer’s cap. The 2015 swim will consist of 17 brave souls and our fundraising target for this year is R150 000. Swimmers go on standby on 21 March 2015.

Fundraising for Swim for Hope is done via backabuddy.co.za and via an SMS line where donors can SMS “SWIM” TO 40770 to donate R20 per sms. Corporates and private individuals are encouraged to support our swimmers efforts.


Swim For Hope: www.swimforhope.co.za
Little Fighters Cancer Trust: www.littlefighters.org.za
Carina Bruwer: www.carina.co.za / www.sterlingeq.co.za

Swim for Hope: www.facebook.com/lfctswimforhope /www.twitter.com/lfctswimforhope
Little Fighters Cancer Trust:http:/www.facebook.com/Little.Fighters /www.twitter.com/LFCancerTrust
Carina Bruwer: www.facebook.com/carinabruwerofficial /www.facebook.com/sterlingeqofficial

CONTRIBUTIONS FROM THE PUBLIC will be administered on:

For media information, photos and interview requests please contact:
Mandie Erasmus
Project Manager, Little Fighters Cancer Trust
Phone: +27 73 729 6155| Email: mandie@littlefighters.org.za



Swim For Hope 2014

Toni Enderli Swim For Hope Cape Point 2014 for Little Fighters

Published on Mar 25, 2014

All fourteen swimmers who participated in the Swim For Hope — an extreme open water swim around Cape Point — successfully complete the 8km swim, while both the male and female records for the route were broken.

The Cape Point rounding, which is widely regarded as one of the most extreme open water swims in the world, was done in support of the Little Fighters Cancer Trust, a local charity that offers support to children with cancer and their families. The group entered the water at Diaz Beach just after 09:00, having to negotiate a heavy surf before heading towards the point through rough waters ranging between 12.5 and 16 degrees Celcius.

The swim was carried out in accordance with open water and English Channel swimming rules: only a single swimsuit (no wetsuit), cap and goggles may be worn, and swimmers have to start and end on land without ever making physical contact with any members of the support crew or the boat. Anthony Pearse was the first swimmer to finish in a time of 1h41, taking 21 minutes of the previous record which was jointly held by himself and UK swimmer Ned Denison. Carina Bruwer shaved 2 minutes off her 2004 female record time, finishing in a time of 2h18.

All moneys raised will go towards the Little Fighters Cancer Trust’s BAG OF HOPE Project. A bag of hope provides essentials for both the Child with Cancer and his/her mother or bedside care-giver, with items such as toiletries, pyjamas, non-perishable food, educational toys, blankets and sanitary products, making a challenging and prolonged hospital stay just a bit more comfortable. LFCT is operational in 11 main paediatric oncology treatment centres throughout South Africa, including the Western Cape, Gauteng, Kwazulu Natal, Eastern Cape and Free State.




A group of South African swimmers have conquered a rare feat

Published on Mar 6, 2014

March 7 — Until today, only about eleven people had ever managed the extreme open water swim around Cape Point. But a charitable cause spurred on 14 more swimmers to take up the challenge.


Swim For Hope 2013

Published on Apr 28, 2013

Carina Bruwer from the multiple award-winning instrumental pop group Sterling EQ, successfully rounded Cape Point on 23 April 2013, finishing the 8km extreme swim equipped only with a standard swimming costume, cap and goggles, according to open water swimming rules. The “Swim for Hope” was in support of the Little Fighters Cancer Trust (LFCT), a local charity that offers support to children with cancer and their families, which Carina and Sterling EQ actively support, and marked Carina’s return to open water swimming after a 6 year break during which she became a mother of two.

The extreme swim through wild, cold and shark infested waters, started at Dias Beach on the western side of the point, and ended 8km east at Buffels Bay. Icy water temperatures between 11,5 and 14 degrees posed the biggest challenge to Carina, fresh from winning a Ghoema Music Award with Sterling EQ for Best Instrumental Album of 2013. She was crushed by waves off Diaz beach and lost a pair of goggles in the process, got stung repeatedly by a school of jellyfish, and had to fight severe currents around the point. She completed the swim in 2h36mins — 16 minutes slower than the record she set for the swim in 2004.

Here is Carina’s Hotspot interview


 You can read more about the various Swims for Hope here:

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Swim for Hope ~ Corsica to Sardinia



You can also read far more by just clicking on THIS LINK or typing Swim for Hope into the search bar on the front page



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