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✨Foodie Friday✨ Summer Christmas Recipes

Christmas in South Africa, as in the rest of the Southern Hemisphere is a unique and splendid thing.

While most Christmas Carols, adverts, cards, recipes, etc. are geared towards a winter Christmas, and most others think of chestnuts roasting over an open fire at this time of the year, those of us Down South are thinking about pools, beaches and barbecues, aka BRAAIS in South Africa!

It is already rather intolerably hot and the last thing anyone wants to think about is slaving over a hot stove or eating hot, heavy Christmas food and baked desserts.

We will, therefore, over the next two weeks, be bringing you some lovely and slightly different summery recipes – different methods of preparing and presenting the traditional chicken, turkey and lamb, and some awesome cold side-dishes that will go well with either a braai or baked, grilled meat done in the oven.

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✨Foodie Friday✨ Vegetarian Christmas Recipes

With Christmas around the corner we are all looking for some great recipes for our families, and that includes recipes that Children with Cancer will enjoy, but what about those of us who are vegetarian?

Children with Cancer especially, need to eat as many veggies as possible as they need them to build up their immmune systems which are impaired due to the cancer and the chemotherapy and/ radiation therapy treatments.

Cooking for a vegetarian can be, but need not be, either expensive or boring. Today we bring you some great vegetarian recipes (including a gluten free tabouli).

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✨Foodie Friday✨ Pass da Pasta

Pasta has always been a favourite with both children and adults, and it is so easy and relatively quick to make that it is the perfect meal when you do not have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen.

Pasta is also a great meal or snack for a Child with Cancer because it is soft and easy to swallow, and there are so many different pastas and so many ways in which to prepare it…

Pasta is a perfect foundation for healthy, nutritious and satisfying meals: pasta is generally eaten with nutrient-dense food partners, such as fibre-filled vegetables and beans, heart healthy fish and monounsaturated oils, antioxidant-rich tomato sauce and protein-packed cheeses, poultry and lean meats.

Another great reason to use pasta in conjunction with meat, fish, veggies or even just flavoured with herbs, is that most past dishes taste just as nice the next day (or even two days later) and many of them can be eaten either hot or cold.

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✨Foodie Friday✨ Quick 3 Ingredient Recipes

How much would you love to be able to make a quick, tasty meal for your Child with Cancer that they are sure to enjoy?

No time to spend in the kitchen slaving over a stove for hours on end to cook the family a meal or even make a nice little snack because you are too busy helping your Child with Cancer feel more comfortable in their bed, giving them pain meds, comforting them while they are puking or running them to the doctor or clinic?

Have to choose between spending some time with your other children when having a little break or standing in the kitchen preparing meals?

NO problem, help is at hand. Today we are bringing you some easy-to-make, delicious recipes for which you only require three ingredients.


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Plants that will Combat Dangerous Toxins in Your Home

A Child with Cancer has a severely compromised immune system, both from the cancer itself as well as from the cancer treatments such as Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy, and are therefore very susceptible to infections.

While it is important for Children with Cancer to eat the correct, nutritious foodstuffs, they often have problems eating due to various side-effects of cancer treatments, so any additional method of aiding in boosting their immune systems or creating a toxin-free atmosphere at their homes should be welcomed.

An easy way to ensure that the home in which a Child with Cancer lives is as free as possible from toxins is to fill your home with ordinary plants that are capable of purifying the indoor air in your home.


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I’ll Find You

A Cancer diagnosis is something nobody ever wants to hear, and least of all a parent of a young child, but it happens all too often and that is only the start of a devastating journey of pain, fear, depression, self-doubt and emotional and psychological stress.

For someone with cancer (and for the parents and siblings of a Child with Cancer), it is often difficult to face the pain, to face others, to keep a smile on your face when all around you is crumbling and you don’t know what to do or where to turn, to always try to be strong…

The best thing you can do for them is to just be there with support… sometimes giving support is to give advice; sometimes it is to cook a meal or clean their home; sometimes it is to take them where they need to be; sometimes it is to just listen as they unburden themselves; sometimes it is to literally be a shoulder to cry on…

… and sometimes it is just being there… not saying a word… just sitting in comforting silence… just sending love and strength their way…

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A Gratitude Post

With our chief cook & bottlewasher, Programme Manager Mandie Erasmus laid up ill in bed (Get Well Soon, Mandie), I was asked to attend an event in honour of the Little Fighters Cancer Trust on Sunday evening, and I am very glad I was.

Although, typical to Cape Town fashion, unfortunately many people who had bought tickets to the fundraising event did not pitch (or perhaps they were blown away by the 60kph winds😜😜), it was a lovely event.

It was such a pleasure to meet and chat to Gilmore and Shaakirah  from Atlantic Seaboard Views, who organised the fundraising event and published a wonderful article on the Little Fighters Cancer Trust  in their  a free quarterly, high quality coffee table lifestyle magazine, which is distributed to 20 000 households and businesses along the upmarket Western Cape Atlantic Seaboard – what great exposure for our little charity!

You can read the article online HERE  – in the Spring 2017 issue (Pg 23) – as well as Little Fighter Reece Barend’s story directly thereafter (see poem written by his mother at the end of this post).

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Nigeria Failing Children with Cancer

Cancer is a bully, worse than the playground bully. It not only tries to steal the children’s lunch money but it also steals their future. No parent wants to hear those terrifying words, “your child has cancer!

When cancer affects a child, no member of the family is spared. Cancer used to be “a disease of the elderly” but sadly it is no longer so – every year thousands of children across the globe are diagnosed with cancer, including in Nigeria.

While many childhood cancers have an excellent prognosis when detected and diagnosed early, and properly treated, this is unfortunately not so in Nigeria. The Nigerian story remains one of late detection, delay in presentation, and poor survival rate.

Although Nigeria has a high number of children living with cancer, Founder of the Children Living With Cancer Foundation (CLWCF), Dr Nneka Nwobbi, who works with many children living with cancer, said Nigeria does not have the data of the children who are battling with cancer.

Despite the burden of the disease, there is no supportive treatment plan for children with such terminal illness in Nigeria and worse still, the burden of treatment lies solely on the families of such patients.

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The Ugly Truth of Paediatric Cancer

What do you think about when you think about Childhood Cancer (if you think about it at all that is)?

Childhood Cancer is ugly, it is devastating, and it is robbing the world of its beautiful young souls all too often and all too soon…

In today’s post we want to bring you some visuals to give you some idea what Childhood Cancer is all about, because unless people SEE what this devastating disease does to Children with Cancer and their families, it is easy to discount…

Every day the Little Fighters Cancer Trust deals with the pain, the emotional distress, the absolute terror, and the utter helplessness of those families who have been told that their child has cancer.

Every day we try our best to help those families; be it through helping them with transport to and from the hospital or clinic, prepaid electricity, accommodation, cellphone airtime so that they can stay in touch with their family/doctors/clinics etc. or food parcels so that they can eat. Clothing, bedding, special hygiene products, nutritional shakes, special medical equipment, a room makeover so that the child with cancer does not have to sleep in a room that is draughty and damp – whatever we can do we will do (and much more besides)!

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I See You…. A Tribute to Paediatric Oncology Nurses

Shelby and Jonathan have a daughter named Sophie who is currently fighting for her life. When the sweet little two-year-old wasn’t feeling well, Shelby thought it was just allergies.

A follow-up appointment with the doctor didn’t uncover anything concerning and she was diagnosed with asthma. Shelby scheduled Sophie for allergy testing but one night, Sophie stopped breathing.

The Skiles family followed her in the ambulance to the hospital and that’s where their world changed forever. Doctors discovered a softball-sized mass in tiny Sophie’s chest.

The toddler was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma and has spent months enduring terribly aggressive chemotherapy treatments. Even though Sophie’s body fought hard, her cancer still spread.

The chemotherapy has impacted her ability to walk, talk, use her hands and eat. She’s currently undergoing therapy to prepare her weakened body for a stem cell transplant.

Sometimes the days run together and Shelby forgets to take care of herself, since she’s so busy looking out for Sophie. To keep family and friends informed of Sophie’s progress and to have some semblance of contact with the world outside the hospital room, Shelby set up a Facebook page called Sophie the Brave.

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