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Little Miss & Mr Winelands 2018

On Saturday night Lizelma and I were privileged to attend the Little Miss & Mr Winelands 2018 Competition as the Little Fighters Cancer Trust was the beneficiary on the night, and what a wonderful, sparkling, professional, fun evening it was.

Young ladies and gentlemen from all over the Winelands took part and strutted their stuff on the stage – we were just very pleased that we were not asked to be judges as they had an enormous task ahead of them – but they acquitted themselves very well.

It was such fun to watch the little ones, the young ladies were all decked out in their finest gowns and the gentlemen were decked out in their fines too, bow ties and all [ Lizelma wanted to take one or two home with her…. 😉 ]

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I’ll Find You

A Cancer diagnosis is something nobody ever wants to hear, and least of all a parent of a young child, but it happens all too often and that is only the start of a devastating journey of pain, fear, depression, self-doubt and emotional and psychological stress.

For someone with cancer (and for the parents and siblings of a Child with Cancer), it is often difficult to face the pain, to face others, to keep a smile on your face when all around you is crumbling and you don’t know what to do or where to turn, to always try to be strong…

The best thing you can do for them is to just be there with support… sometimes giving support is to give advice; sometimes it is to cook a meal or clean their home; sometimes it is to take them where they need to be; sometimes it is to just listen as they unburden themselves; sometimes it is to literally be a shoulder to cry on…

… and sometimes it is just being there… not saying a word… just sitting in comforting silence… just sending love and strength their way…

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Kwazulu-Natal Cancer Patients Dying While Waiting For Treatment

Cervical cancer patient Alice Sibiya has waited more than one year to receive treatment.

Four months ago the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) released a scathing report detailing the collapse of cancer services in the province. The document accused the KwaZulu-Natal health department and its MEC, Sibongiseni Dhlomo, of failing patients.

Waiting times for life-saving cancer treatment has grown by almost 30% as KwaZulu-Natal’s cancer services crumble and stall.

According to information revealed by SAHRC chairperson Bongani Majola during a recent provincial health portfolio committee meeting, patients are now waiting up to nine months for treatment.

The average waiting time for treatment was previously seven months.

Democratic Alliance spokesperson for health in KwaZulu-Natal Imran Keeka says he doubts the veracity of the information and alleges the data does not reflect patient backlogs at Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital fuelled by a breakdown of treatment machines at Addington Hospital.

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Bringing Smiles to Children with Cancer

a-child-cancer-patient-in-bangabandhu-sheikh-mujib-medical-university We at the Little Fighters Cancer Trust are all well aware what Children with Cancer and their Families have to go through on a daily basis; the constant pain, the stress, the illness, the devastation of little bodies, the treatments, the nausea, the suffering and the heartache of parents who felt helpless in the face of that monster, Cancer.

In 2014, Fatimatul Botul was talking to a friend who works at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU). The doctor was sharing his experience of treating cancer afflicted children; describing how much pain they go through every day. This prompted Fatima to visit BSMMU one day to see for herself if she could do something about it. What she saw tore her heart apart.

I was heartbroken by the silent faces of parents and the cries of their ailing children,” Fatima says.

Aged between 1 and 11, most cancer patients in the paediatrics haematology and oncology ward of the hospital come from poor families who are unaware of the fact that cancer in children is often curable if they are given proper treatment and hope.

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A Little Bit of What We Do

updateIt is impossible to share everything that the Little Fighters Cancer Trust does on this blog – this is normally shared on day-to-day posts on our Facebook Page, but every now and again I feel that it is necessary to let others, who may not be local and who may not be members of the Page, know what it is that we do on a daily basis and what actually happens to all the donations we receive.

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust works with absolute transparency, and our books are available for scrutiny at any time, because we believe in what we do and what we do is to see that everything that is donated goes directly to the benefit of our Little Fighters and their Families (many of you will know that our “office” is in the home of our Founders, and that most Team members work from their own homes, using their own resources, and that the majority of Team LFCT is made up of volunteers.)

In the past 2 months, apart from supporting the Hussain Family in various ways, including arranging for Muhammad’s Dream to be made possible a few week’s before his death, we have also continued to support over 200 Families and our more than 2 000 Children with Cancer on a daily basis across the length and breadth of South Africa.

The number of Children with Cancer and their Families that we help is not constant, as there are deaths that occur virtually weekly and there are also children newly diagnosed with cancer as well as others that join OUR FAMILY constantly. There is basically never a day that passes that LFCT does not get at least one request for help – from a family, from a hospital, or from various other sources…

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Honouring Muhammad Ebrahim Hussain – ^Forever 7^

muhammad-hussainIt is once again a weekend of crippling heartbreak for Team LFCT, and I am sitting here typing this post with tears streaming down my face.

It is with overwhelming sadness that we share with you the news that Little Fighter Muhammad Hussain earned his Angel Wings earlier today.

Muhammad was diagnosed with Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) in August 2010, at the age of 6 months, and spent his first birthday in hospital. HLH is a very rare blood disease and immune system disorder, and according to Swedish studies, occurs in 1 or 2 cases per million, usually in infancy or early childhood.

After starting a search for a bone marrow match due to HLH, Muhammad was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in February 2012, at the age of 2.

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Muhammad Hussain’s Story & Dream Come True

muhammadThis is a story of Devastation, of Hope, of Unconditional Love and of how complete strangers pulled together and restored some Faith in Humanity by being a part of making a terminally ill child’s Dream Come True.

Muhammad Hussain was born to ecstatic parents, Fahrad and Kaamielah, on 15 September 2009, and for the first six months of his Life, Muhammad was a happy, bubbly and normal baby.

At the age of 6 months his parents began noticing that he was not always that well, and after numerous visits to the paediatrician he was diagnosed with Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) in August 2010, and spent his first birthday in hospital. HLH is a very rare blood disease and immune system disorder, and according to Swedish studies, occurs in 1 or 2 cases per million, usually in infancy or early childhood.

After starting a search for a bone marrow match due to HLH, Muhammad was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in February 2012, at the age of 2.

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Santa & Elves Still on Strike – LFCT Christmas Elves Needed Urgently

xmas elves 2015

Little Fighter Tommy

We received this message from our Super Sleuth Superhero, Little Fighter Tommi:

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust really needs YOUR help, as we cannot afford to wait to gather all our Christmas presents for our Little Fighters, so please can you extend us a helping hand by volunteering as Little Fighters Christmas Elves?”

We are really trying to make Christmas, which IS for children after all, something better than a cold, impersonal hospital ward for all our Little Fighters… and ALL the other Children Fighting Cancer in the same wards (cos that’s how we roll at the Little Fighters Cancer Trust) so that NOBODY feels left out! For many of these children THIS is the ONLY Christmas that they will have, and the ONLY Christmas Presents they will receive.

elf textfx1elf textfx2

What Does Becoming a Christmas Elf Mean?

elf surprisedBecoming a Little Fighters Cancer Trust Christmas Elf means that you help us to bring Christmas Cheer to our Little Fighters and their Families by donating some Christmas Goodies and getting your Colleagues, Friends and Family to as well, and delivering them to prearranged drop-off points so that we can sort, wrap and get them all ready within the next 30 days for delivery to our Little Fighters and their Families before Christmas.

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Picnic in the Onco Paedi Ward

spreading-love1The work that we do is often heartbreaking, and listening to all the stories of the battles that our Little Fighters and their families are facing, sharing the news that another Little Fighter has earned his wings and constantly trying to source more funding to enable us to do what we do can be heartbreaking, frustrating and depressing… but then we get to do what we are here for… to make the lives of our Little Fighters a little bit easier… to show them some love… to give them some treats… and to put a smile on their faces, and it makes all the difficult times worthwhile as we remember why we do what we do…

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Make Every Day Mandela Day with Little Fighters Cancer Trust


The Little Fighters Cancer Trust believes in making every day a Mandela Day! We believe that Tata Nelson Mandela would have wished people to honour his legacy by not just doing something one day per year, but by exhibiting his great compassion to those around us EVERY DAY!

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust’s mission is to create awareness around Childhood Cancer in an attempt to realise earlier diagnoses of Childhood Cancer and thereby help a Child with Cancer to live a long and fruitful life, as well as to make the lives of Children with Cancer and their families just that little bit easier by helping everywhere we can, throughout South Africa, with neither fear nor favour – we will not turn ANYONE away who needs our help.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that we DO serve EVERYONE, we do not receive any help from the South African Government. This is fine, as we will not be dictated to as to whom we can and cannot help – to us every Child with Cancer needs help; the help they need just differs sometimes.

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