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Fathers Feel Loss Too


Today’s post is another one in our series of posts for Bereaved Parent’s Awareness Month and is going out to every Father out there who has lost a child.

Most articles, resources, etc. about grieving the loss of a child are geared towards the Mother, but what about Fathers who have lost a child?

Unfortunately, due to the way that society perceives “Manhood” in most countries, the Father of a child who has died is forgotten about most of the time.

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust would like to say to all Fathers out there who have lost children, “We SEE you and we recognise your Pain!

During hospital stays and the first days back at home after the death of a child, the focus of attention is usually on the Mother, and there is very little in the form of acknowledgement or support for the grieving Father who has also suffered a devastating loss.

Having to be the strong one, the one who supports the mother and the rest of the family; the one who makes all the phone calls, the one who tries to shield the grieving mother from as many calls as possible to let her come to terms with her own grief takes its toll on a Grieving Father.

Most men do not generally have the same sort of social networks that women have and may be used to relying on their partner for emotional support, so what do they do when their support needs support and leaves them with nobody to lean on and confide their deepest thoughts and fears to? Read the rest of this entry

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