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WONDERBAG Fundraising Raffle

Have you heard about the amazing South African invention “The Wonderbag“?

The Wonderbag is a simple but revolutionary non-electric heat-retention cooker. It continues to cook food that has been brought to the boil by conventional methods for up to 12 hours without the use of additional electricity or fuel. The Wonderbag is also a Coolerbag – it keeps food and beverages cold. Freeze it, bag it, store it, serve it.

The Wonderbag is great for mothers of Children with Cancer because it will free up their time in the kitchen while allowing them to cook nutritious, wholesome food for their family. You can start the food on the stove and then place it in the Wonderbag and go about your business without any worries – when you are ready for dinner it will be ready for you…

The food will taste great because it is slow-cooked  – from meaty stews and vegetable curries, to simple rice, beans, pasta, and soups, the Wonderbag cooks food beautifully and thoroughly. Meat is perfectly tender and vegetables retain their flavour and texture.

Each bag comes with a Recipe Booklet and you can browse the Recipes section of the Wonderbag website for loads more fantastic Recipes as well as Tips & Tricks, Cooking Times and Metric Conversions.

LFCT received a donation of one of these awesome Wonderbags in December from Tiger Foods to raffle off to raise funds…

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🎄 Our Little Fighter’s Hearts are Full of Joy Thanks to YOU!! 🎁

Santa Saying Thank You Most of you know Little Fighter Shanaya by now – she is such a strong Little Princess with such a beautiful smile and personality – just like her mommy, Lee-Ann Govender….

While dealing with her daughter’s cancer, running back and forth to the hospital, chemotherapy treatments and all that goes with having a Child with Cancer, Lee-Ann still had time to act as an LFCT Christmas Elf.

Not only did all Lee-Ann’s colleagues jump in and collect a fantastic number of toys for our Christmas Elf project, but her Director, Leanne Parsons, also went above and beyond by arranging a Golf Day in her personal capacity, with her family and friends to raise funds for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust!


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🤶 Mrs Santa Claus Came to LFCT 🎁


Peeps, we have been SO blessed with goodies for our Little Fighters this year….

Diana Petfoods / Specialities Pet SA Pty Ltd came on board in a BIG way to provide for our most needy Children with Cancer this year and made a fantastic donation that ensured that our registered LFCT Little Fighters and their siblings are being totally spoiled this Christmas.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to Diana Petfoods / Specialities Pet SA Pty Ltd – Yolanda van der Riet & Dioleen Maritz it was an absolute pleasure to work with you ladies and to see how much Diana Petfoods / Specialities Pet SA Pty Ltd and both of you personally, care about the work that the Little Fighters Cancer Trust does and about our Little Fighters.

“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.”
~ Steve Maraboli ~


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Where there’s a WILL there’s a Way

A few weeks ago the Little Fighters Cancer Trust received notification from a young man who was planning to use his talents to fundraise for LFCT and the work we do with Children with Cancer.

This is what we LOVE to see – people who use their talents and passion to fundraise for those who most need it!

Will is an “amateur” photographer and decided to make use of his talents by offering a special for the month of November to raise funds for LFCT.

Last week we received a wonderful financial donation from Will towards our work, and are very grateful that Will chose us, using his passion to fundraise for our passion – Children with Cancer & their Families.

Thank You also to all those who agreed to be photographed by Will for this fundraising project and allow us to publish their photos – all of YOU helped make this possible!

Check out Will’s Facebook Page, Photos by William!

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Mosaic Association of South Africa (MASA) – Heart of GOLD Award

LFCT_Golden_Heart_Medal_ 1B

Little Fighters Cancer Trust established the Little Fighters Cancer Trust Heart of GOLD Medal awards recently to acknowledge and thank individuals who have shown that they have Hearts of GOLD by their unsolicited, unselfish deeds in helping Little Fighters Cancer Trust do what we do!

This month is it our absolute privilege and HONOUR to bestow this award on a group of people who really went above and beyond to put some smiles on the face of our Little Fighters and some coins in the coffers of the Little Fighters Cancer Trust at the same time; the Members of the   Mosaic Association of South Africa (MASA) and all their friends, family and other helpers who made the Butterflies for Kids with Cancerproject so successful.

masa heart of gold awardEvery year MASA selects a beneficiary or cause to support with mosaics to brighten their environment but also as a means to raise funds. Association members are requested to create a themed mosaic for this purpose. Previous projects can be viewed HERE.

Little Fighters Cancer Trust was thrilled to be chosen as the Mosaic Association of South Africa’s 2015 beneficiary, via the “Butterflies for Kids with Cancer” Project .

The 2015 Butterflies for Kids with Cancer project invited MASA members as well as their friends, family and supporters across South Africa to create either a 20 x 20cm wood base or a wood cut-out of a butterfly, mosaiced in bright, cheerful colours. Each participant over the age of 18 would also make a cash donation of R50. All the donations would be paid over directly to LFCT.

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On the Question of Non-Profit Sustainability


It is commonly accepted that going for a job interview is a very humbling and stressful thing to do, but how many people think about how stressful and heart-breaking it is to constantly have to beg for money? I am not speaking of standing on the street corner with a tin mug (although it may as well be) but of fundraising…

There are those who love doing fundraising and are very good at it, but they are generally very well paid, and therein lays the rub for a charitable organisation like the Little Fighters Cancer Trust… we cannot afford the services of a full-time fundraiser!

I was referred to a few articles regarding the sustainability or self-sufficiency of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) earlier in the week, and I must say that they made absolute sense and I take my hat off to Vu Le, the author of The Sustainability Question, Why it is So Annoying and  Can we all just admit there is no such thing as non-profit sustainability? for putting it all out there…

To summarise the two articles very quickly (but please do read the complete articles), what they say, in a nutshell, is:

How will you sustain this program or project when funding from the So-and-So Foundation runs out?” is the most hated question asked in virtually every grant application because:

  • Sustainability is in large part determined by funders, not by the non-profits, and due to the nature of grants, it usually takes quite a few to run a project every year (the general period of a grant).
  • Sustainability depends on the whole organisation being strong, yet funders do not like providing General Operating Funds. General Operating Funds include offices, stationery, the salaries of the people who work there, including that great dedicated fundraiser… With more funding LFCT could afford the extra staff member that is desperately needed so that we can do more where it is really needed – in the lives of our Little Fighters and their families.
  • The non-profit model is unique in that success at carrying out our missions leads to increasing costs, not revenues. The more successful a program like LFCT is the more clients it will serve, therefore more staff will be needed and other expenses will also increase, without a proportionate increase in funding support.
  • Not every program that literally changes people’s lives for the better can become self-sustaining. The Little Fighters Cancer Trust for instance, supports Children with Cancer and their families, and most of the time those whom we support are the poor and the needy, so there is very little scope for income-generation to create sustainability. There are some ways this can be done, but without the funding to kick off such projects we are sunk before we even begin.
  • Funders’ “tough love” stance is inexplicably the thing that prevents sustainability. The restrictions and short-term nature of grants means that non-profits have to continually put things on hold to reapply for funding, which essentially means that vital momentum is lost as they scrabble around for funds to continue doing the amazing jobs that they do. This too is very true at the Little Fighters Cancer Trust as we are constantly getting new requests for help therefore constantly have to scrabble around for more funding instead of just being able to DO!
  • The pressure on non-profits to be self-sufficient can often lead to vital time and resources being wasted. NGOs often try to tackle projects they are actually not equipped to undertake in an effort to satisfy the funders’ need for sustainability, thereby wasting two of the most precious resources of all; time and effort, instead of helping people. We are a tiny team ding the impossible and are forever thinking of ways to become “sustainable” but how? Where? With What?

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The Childhood Cancer Ripple Effect

butterfly effect

Most of us have heard of The Butterfly Effect theory –

In 1961, Edward Lorenz, an MIT meteorologist, was developing a weather-prediction model. He theorised that a miniscule occurrence, such as a tiny butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon, could hypothetically set in motion a chain of events that could cause tornadoes to touch down in Texas a few days later.

Most people initially laughed at this theory, but more and more people have come to resonate with it, especially as the whole globe is now more connected via the internet and other forms of technology… one only has to look at something like the Arab Spring to realise… an unknown Tunisian street vendor, Mohamed Bouazizi, set himself on fire to protest police harassment…

Images of this self –immolation were sent around the world very quickly using the available technology, and this accomplished what massive armies and decades of western influence had been unable to do: generate enough outrage to cause a rebellion!

the-ripple-effect globe

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MASA Butterflies for Kids with Cancer Project Update


WOW!!! I just popped in to the Mosaic Association South Africa (MASA) Coffee Shop on FaceBook and from there popped into the MASA website, and these ladies are MOVING on this project!

For those who may have missed the previous post regarding this project, MASA select a cause every year to do fundraising for via making and donating mosaic works created by members and others who want to support the cause. We are fortunate enough for them to have chosen Little Fighters Cancer Trust as their Community Service Project for 2015.

The MASA “Butterflies for Kids with Cancer” Project in support of Little Fighters Cancer Trust is running from March until the end of August, when the Top 10 (20)  will be chosen and submitted to LFCT to raise additional funds by auction or raffles. The balance of the mosaics will be put up in paediatric oncology wards all over the country to brighten up the wards a bit with beautiful colourful butterflies.

The organisers say that they are STILL receiving queries daily from individuals wanting to take part, and there are already many workshops arranged:

National Workshops/Work Parties: Butterflies for Kids with Cancer
May 9 @ 9:00 am – 12:30 pm

Please contact the host directly for more information:

  1. DURBANVILLE (CAPE TOWN) – Karin Stanford : Work Party (bring your own materials)
  2. FISH HOEK (CAPE TOWN) – Wendy Whitaker : R200 DIY Kit available
  3. OTTERY (CAPE TOWN) – Jos de Freitos : Work Party (bring your own materials)
  4. STELLENBOSCH (WESTERN CAPE) – Charnelle Skipp : Work Party (bring your own materials)
  5. MONTAGUE GARDENS (CAPE TOWN) – Jacqui Charles : Workshop and materials available.
  6. BOKSBURG (GAUTENG) – Yolanda Myer : Workshop R130 (Includes wood, tile, glue and grout.  We will help the participants on the day of the workshop with design and layout, and will not charge the additional class fee.
  7. FOURWAYS (GAUTENG) – Nicky Jansen van VuurenR175 DIY Kits or Work Party (Bring your own materials) R30
  8. MIDRAND/KYALAMI (GAUTENG) – Charmaine Oosthuizen : Butterfly kits available @ R195 each, materials available or enjoy a Work Party (Bring your own materials).
  9. NIGEL (EAST RAND) – Toinette van der Westhuizen : Materials available)
  10. PARKVIEW (JOHANESBURG) – Jennifer Hirsch : Work Party (Bring your own materials)
  11. MEYERSPARK (PRETORIA) – Ursula Janke : Workshop and Materials available
  12. ZWAVELPOORT (PRETORIA) – Cher Manning : Workshop and Materials Available
  13. EMALAHLENI (WITBANK, MPUMALANGA) – Henriette van Nieuwenhuizen : Materials available
  14. HARTEBEESPOORT (NORTH WEST PROVINCE) – Daphne Bennett : Work Party (Bring your own materials)
  15. KLOOF (KZN) – Sheila Nichol : Work Party (Bring your own materials or materials available)
  16. EAST LONDON (EASTERN CAPE) – Lorna Gardner (Materials available)
Further details can be requested from MASA by contacting them directly:

Phone: 082 923 2299


golden butterflies photo golden butterflies_zpsii40ozae.gif

 There is also a Workshop being held by in Pretoria by Mosaic Arts

ma-logo-200jpgDate: June 6 2015
Time: 9:00 am12:00 pm
Cost: R185

Mosaic Arts is a proud supporter of the “Butterfly for Kids with Cancer” Project and will host a workshop to create Butterflies. Inclusive of butterfly cut-out, materials and refreshments.

Booking essential!

Phone 012 804 7392 NOW to book your seat.


Mosaic Arts
107 Siersteen Street,
Silvertondale, Pretoria,
South Africa

+ Google Map

Phone: 012 804 7392

colourful butterflies photo 2464113lykon44f8o_zpsonxizbgt.gif

Little Fighters Cancer Trust is so happy to see this project taking shape and is amazed by the amount of individuals who are willing to give up their time and effort to make these butterfly mosaics to beautify the onco wards ~ the children are going to be so excited to see them…. who doesn’t like butterflies… and the wards are going to look SO much brighter and more cheerful 😀

Please do yourself a favour and visit the MASA Website or click on any of the name links above to see the wonderful mosaic artworks that these very talented artists have created.

BABY photo BABY.gifThank You!

MASA “Butterflies for Kids with Cancer” Project



Little Fighters Cancer Trust is proud to announce that we have been chosen as the beneficiary of the Mosaic Association of South Africa’sButterflies for Kids with Cancer” Project.

Every year MASA selects a beneficiary or cause to support with mosaics to brighten their environment but also as a means to raise funds. Association members are requested to create a themed mosaic for this purpose. Previous projects can be viewed HERE.

The 2015 Butterflies for Kids with Cancer project will invite MASA members, as well as their friends, family and supporters across South Africa to create either a 20 x 20cm wood base or a wood cut-out of a butterfly, mosaicked in bright, cheerful colours. Each participant over the age of 18 will also make a cash donation of R50. All the donations will be paid over directly to LFCT.

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Help us get a Radiothon to Raise Funds!




PLEASE take just 2 seconds and Sms “LITTLE FIGHTERS CANCER TRUST RADIOTHON” to 34519.

Only ONE SMS per phone will be counted, so sms from as many phones as you can and SPREAD THE WORD!!!



The Little Fighters Cancer Trust helps close to 1,000 Children with Cancer and their families across South Africa with NO HELP from Government.


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