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Superwoman Carina Bruwer Pugliese at it Again

Carina's Swim For Hope

Carina’s Swim For Hope

Our Superwoman Open-Water Swimmer, Musician and Little Fighters Cancer Trust Ambassador is at it AGAIN!!

SWIMTHEISLAND ~ The Ultimate Open Water Swimming Event
10 – 11 OCTOBER 2015

Carina Bruwer Pugliese (with her band Sterling EQ in tow!) is once again in Italy, where Carina will be the celebrity guest and event endorsee, as she once again does a triple-the-distance (3 laps of the official 6km challenge distance),  open-water swim in aid of Child Cancer Awareness and to raise funds for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust under the auspices of Swim for Hope.

swim-the-island-6km route

This is the Route that Carina will swim 3X

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Carina Swims For Hope across the Bonifacio Straits & Four Times across the Messina Straits

Carina Bruwer, SAMA award-winning musician and distance swimmer, swims the Bonifacio Straits and a Messina Straits Quadruple in support of the Little Fighters Cancer Trust.

An in-depth interview with Carina Bruwer Pugliese, open-water swimmer extreme and musician extraordinaire of Sterling EQ, about why she supports Little Fighters Cancer Trust and does the Swim for Hope challenges.

Please take a few minutes to view some of her Italian swims and get an insight into what such a challenge entails.


Little Fighters Cancer Trust once again sends out a huge hug of thanks to Carina and support crew for everything that it takes to set up and do a swim of this magnitude and congratulates Carina on all her accomplished and record-breaking Swims for Hope.

Please support Carina in her efforts to raise Childhood Cancer Awareness and funding for Little Fighters Cancer Trust by donating at Just Giving


Swim for Hope in Tygerburger

Tygerburger article on Swim for Hope

Click on Pic for Tygerburger Article

That’s our Carina Bruwer Pugliese!! Open-water swimmer extraordinaire!! Brave Little Fighters Cancer Trust Ambassador, Musician of note (Sterling EQ) and all round Superwoman!!!!!

Carina was due to do her second Italian Swim for Hope (QUADRUPLE CROSSING of the Messina Straits between Sicily and Calabria which, if successful, will make her the first woman to cross this unpredictable stretch of ocean more than twice) today but the weather is lousy so we hope for tomorrow!

Please support Carina’s efforts to raise funds for Little Fighters Cancer Trust on Just Giving (

Carina's Swim For Hope

Carina’s Swim For Hope



Carina Raises her hands in Triumph

Carina Raises her hands in Triumph!

Congratulations Carina Bruwer on successfully completing your 15 km crossing from Corsica (France) to Sardinia (Italy) in support of Little Fighters Cancer Trust and child cancer in South Africa!

Carina completed the swim in 4 hours 28 minutes, with tough conditions and rough seas to compete with for the latter third of the crossing. The wind caused the boat to veer off course in some instances.

Thank you to the super support crew, and for husband Riccardo, for updating us with photographs and information during the entire swim. Read the rest of this entry

Swim for Hope ~ Corsica to Sardinia

SFH pic

Carina Bruwer‘s first of two Italian #SwimsForHope for Little Fighters Cancer Trust  

Carina has some company! Two open water swimmers from England, one open water swimmer from Malta.

Conditions are partly cloudy, and 19 degrees Celsius

The weather has played with today and Carina is currently doing her 15km swim of the Strait of Bonifacio between Corsica (France) and Sardinia (Italy) in aid of Little Fighters Cancer Trust.

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Swim for Hope Heading to Italy



Swim for Hope is heading to Italy’s warmer waters!

Carina Bruwer will be attempting a rare crossing of the Strait of Bonifacio (15km) between Corsica (France) and Sardinia (Italy) on 15 June, which has been officially achieved only once before by a trio of British swimmers.

On 20 June Carina will attempt an unprecedented 14km quadruple crossing of the Messina Straits between Sicily and Calabria which, if successful, will make her the first woman to cross this unpredictable stretch of ocean more than twice. For this swim, she will be joined by Irish marathon swimming legend Ned Denison, who is – like Carina – one of just five swimmers ever to have conquered the notorious 36km False Bay crossing, widely regarded as one of the most challenging marathon swims in the southern hemisphere.

These attempts of course, will mean a great deal for Childhood Cancer Awareness, and will again be done as a fundraiser for Little Fighters Cancer Trust, for the work that we do for Children with Cancer in South Africa.

So please also consider a donation. We are utilising an online fundraising platform, JustGiving, which will give our International Supporters the opportunity to support this fundraiser as well!

Please feel free to read more, by following the link below:

Swim For Hope


SFH pic

2014 Swim For Hope



All fourteen swimmers who participated in today’s Swim For Hope – an extreme open water swim around Cape Point – successfully complete the 8km swim, while both the male and female records for the route were broken.

The Cape Point rounding, which is widely regarded as one of the most extreme open water swims in the world, was done in support of the Little Fighters Cancer Trust, a local charity that offers support to children with cancer and their families. The group entered the water at Diaz Beach just after 09:00, having to negotiate a heavy surf before heading towards the point through rough waters ranging between 12.5 and 16 degrees Celcius. The swim was carried out in accordance with open water and English Channel swimming rules: only a single swimsuit (no wetsuit), cap and goggles may be worn, and swimmers have to start and end on land without ever making physical contact with any members of the support crew or the boat. Anthony Pearse was the first swimmer to finish in a time of 1h41, taking 21 minutes of the previous record which was jointly held by himself and UK swimmer Ned Denison. Carina Bruwer shaved 2 minutes off her 2004 female record time, finishing in a time of 2h18. Read the rest of this entry

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