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Why do Some Children Develop Brain Tumours?

Any time a child is diagnosed with a brain tumour or, truth be told, any type of cancer, the most obvious question many parents ask is “Why? What caused my child to develop a brain tumour?”

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question.

Scientists now believe that the vast majority of brain tumours in children are the result of random gene mutations but have no satisfying answer as to why a particular gene mutation occurred or why it led to the growth of a brain tumour.

Whether benign or malignant, a tumour grows when certain cells grow, divide, and replicate more quickly than normal cells and/or they do not die when they are aged or damaged. These abnormal cells then begin to build up in the brain, forming clumps or a mass, and eventually growing large enough to press on or cause damage to the healthy brain tissue.

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✨Foodie Friday ✨Boost your Immune System with these Herb Recipes

Good Afternoon, Peeps!

Today’s recipes are all about the cancer-fighting herbs that you are hopefully by now growing in your windowsill as per our posts, Creating a Cancer-Fighting Indoor Herb Garden and How to Incorporate Cancer-Fighting Herbs into your Diet.

Ensuring that your Child with Cancer (and the rest of your family) eat well and get the right amount of nutrients to help their immune system grow strong enough to fight this devastating disease is important.

Knowing how and where to get those important nutritious ingredients, as well as how to use them to best effect, is also important – these recipes will do that!

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Help your Child with Cancer Cope with Play

4a4ed6298c29c3b7453ad401e50f963dTake a minute and ask yourself “How do I cope with really bad news or tough times?”

As adults, we might talk to our friends, go on a shopping spree, eat more than we should or even run away from it completely.

But children are different…

Where children are very lucky is that they are young and innocent and still firmly believe in the magic of fairy-tales and make-believe worlds, which is why it is so important that children are kept busy with fun games and activities.

These games and activities should be age-appropriate and can include playing with play-dough (to which you can add scented herbs or oils), playing hide-and-seek or turning the oncology ward into Hogwarts or a Princess’s castle….


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✨Foodie Friday ✨Great Recipes

Nutritional intervention for children with cancer is challenging, especially for those who do not have the means to employ the use of a qualified nutritionist, but there are many things that one can do at home to ensure that your child with cancer is getting adequate nutrition.

Children with cancer need protein, carbohydrates, fat, water, vitamins, and minerals. Your child’s cancer itself as well as the treatment s they undergo will often cause changes in their eating habits or desire to eat.

Not eating can lead to weight loss, and can cause weakness and fatigue. Helping your child eat as well as they can is an important part of helping them through their treatment and increasing their chances of survival.

When your Little Fighter craves comfort-food, have childhood favourites “real-foodified” at the ready and in your freezer. When they have no appetite, make sure you have nutrient-dense soups and smoothies for them to sip all day. Even a Peanut Butter Sandwich with jam or honey is very beneficial.

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Childhood Cancer Facts

There is a dire need for more awareness surrounding Childhood Cancer!

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust advocates CHILDHOOD CANCER AWARENESS by distributing early warning signs of childhood cancer pamphlet and A1 laminated posters; via our September Awareness Campaign, various other campaigns, and by offering informative presentations

Childhood Cancer is a collection of diseases. It is the leading cause of death in children under 18.

There is a VAST difference between Adult and Childhood Cancer – Children are still subject to growth spurts within a short period of time; this may result in the cancer spreading faster and more aggressively.

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The Ugly Truth of Childhood Cancer

What do you think about when you think about Childhood Cancer (if you think about it at all that is)?

As part of our September Childhood Cancer Awareness campaign, we will bring you as much information regarding Childhood Cancer as we can, and this includes the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Childhood Cancer is devastating, and it is robbing the world of its beautiful young souls all too often and all too soon…

In today’s post we want to bring you some visuals so that you can SEE what this devastating disease does to Children with Cancer and their families…

Every day the Little Fighters Cancer Trust deals with the pain, the emotional distress, the absolute terror, and the utter helplessness of those families who have been told that their child has cancer.

Every day we try our best to help those families; helping them with transport to and from the hospital or clinic, prepaid electricity, accommodation, cellphone airtime so that they can stay in touch with their family/doctors/clinics etc. or food parcels so that they can eat, plus much more…

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Help Needed for Little Fighter Kenzo🤴

Hi Folks – our Little Fighter Kenzo and his family really need your help!

As those of you who follow our Facebook Page know, Kenzo has been in and out of hospital again over the past few months due to a relapse, and he was recently rushed back to hospital after a particularly bad reaction to the chemotherapy he was receiving.

Due to his allergic reaction to the chemo he was receiving, an alternate chemo needed to be sourced, and yesterday his mother contacted me in tears – the replacement chemo is going to cost R61 605-50 for FIVE vials, of which Discovery Health will only pay 50%!!

PLEASE do whatever you can to help his parents defray these costs  (see link further down), which are only a portion of what Kenzo’s treatment is costing them – NO ONCO PARENT should go through this over and above dealing with their child being deathly ill with the bastard cancer!!

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Celebrating the Life of Gracie Rae Philbin ^Forever 5^

Gracie Rae Philbin is a name that is well-known not only to those of us at the Little Fighters Cancer Trust, to Paedspal, to her family, to her fellow schoolmates – it is a name that is known across the Globe, and it is a name that will always inspire those of us who knew or just knew of the wonderful young lady to whom that name belonged…

Gracie was a beautiful young girl of around three-and-a-half years of age with the most piercing blue eyes, long blonde hair and mischievous smile when she suddenly became ill and after two fruitless visits the family doctor, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, which is a type of cancer that forms in certain types of nerve tissue, at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital.

Unbeknownst to this family, this diagnosis was about to change all of their lives drastically…

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CCI Annual International Conference in Kyoto, Japan

After 5 years, the annual Childhood Cancer International (CCI) conference is back in Asia!!

The conference theme this year is the CCI tagline: Advancing Cure, Transforming Care. This builds on the promise CCI’s founding members made 24 years ago that children with cancer everywhere, will get the best possible treatment and care.

The conference will be held on 16-19 November 2018 in Kyoto, one of the most beautiful historical cities in Japan and the Imperial Capital of Japan for 1,000 years. The CCI Survivors Program will be on 14-15 November 2018. You will find the initial information about the conference on the official website,

Local Host: Children’s Cancer Association of Japan (also celebrating 50 years in 2018)
Conference Venues: 16 Nov am: ROHM Theatre Kyoto, 16 Nov pm – 19 Nov: ICC Kyoto


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Childhood Cancer Survivors Need to be Aware of Future Health Risks

According to the American Cancer Society, there are in excess of 15 million cancer survivors, in the US, of which approximately 419,000 were under 20 years of age when first diagnosed with cancer.

These figures are proof that medical advances in treating cancer are allowing people to live longer, but with this comes a warning that many of these treatments can lead to future health troubles, including second cancers, heart problems, infertility and fatigue.

A recent study published in the journal Cancer found that a large percentage of childhood cancer survivors are not sufficiently concerned about their future health risks.

The lack of concern is significant because some survivors may not engage in risk-reduction activities, such as recommended screening tests and healthy behaviours,” according to Todd Gibson, Ph.D., assistant member of the Epidemiology and Cancer Control Department at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, and author of the study.

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