Networking Volunteers


Everyone knows someone who knows someone…that is just how life works.

Networking Volunteers understand the importance of just this, and are willing to spend some of their time, utilising their e-mail databases and social media platforms, to help the Little Fighters Cancer Trust spread the word far and wide. Networking Volunteers could literally help us to cut out weeks, or even months of effort, simply because they widen our reach and network considerably. This will enable the Little Fighters Cancer Trust to deliver much more support to more children with cancer and their families, in less time!


What Would You Be Networking?

Networking our Support Projects will have a great influence on the success, and the amount of children with cancer and families we can reach with every project.

Network our basic information as an introduction to companies who you have direct contact with, and motivate why companies could consider becoming involved as Sponsors, as part of their Corporate Social Investment Portfolios.

Network our non-perishable foods list, and encourage your contacts to do collections, and have it delivered to the Little Fighters Cancer Trust, so that we can pack monthly grocery hampers for childhood cancer affected families.

Network our special requests. We often receive requests which we are not able to accommodate, due to financial constraints. We can only do what we can with what we have available to do it with. If there is a specific need, which, due to the related circumstances, we feel would truly make a difference to a child or to a family, even an entire hospital ward, we need help getting as many people involved, as quick as possible, so we can make it happen.

Network our emergency requests. We often come across situations, where families find themselves in dire need, with nowhere else to turn. We might, at VERY short notice, need medical equipment, household items such as beds, or even someone to deliver groceries to a family urgently.


If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer for Little Fighters Cancer Trust, please e-mail for an application form, stating which type of volunteering you are interested in doing.



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